Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well the big news for us is that Collin got his cast off!  He did really well with the saw, although that is what he was so nervous about.  He was surprised and still is with how sore it is.  He was casted above the elbow and so all the support from the cast is now gone and he is stiff and sore.  We are giving him Motrin and he asked for a sling.  They told us to have him work and move it more each day and get rid of the sling in a few days and he can start basketball in 2 weeks.  He is such a tough guy and I think each day will get much better for him.  We just told Collin today how much growth we have seen in him since this time last year.  His reading and his writing have changed by leaps and bounds and he is just thriving in school.
Chloe is anxious for her basketball season to begin.  Her league won't start until after Christmas.  She continues to do well at school and is really enjoying her classmates.  Her birthday is quickly approaching.  She has a countdown; today we are at 23 days.  I can't believe my baby will be 9!  That just sounds so old to me.  She has plans for a dinner at Maggiano's(her favorite place to go) and then a family party and a few girls to spend the night.  These December birthdays wear me out
Camryn is doing just fine.  She loves school and wishes she went every day.  We are really enjoying watching her handwriting improve.  I am impressed each and every day at how she adapts to her limitations.
Scott is back to coaching and is just beaming about that.  He had his first game(a practice game) this week and I was really impressed.  It is so good to see him like this again.  We have a busy time coming up.  He has 8 games in 12 days, WHEW! Lots of gym time for the kids and I.  Watching his game the other night is what is making Chloe so anxious for her team to start.  Teaching is going really good for Scott too.  He is working on some big projects and has been doing some great things with technology with the students as well
I am working my one day per week and most time enjoying being back at social work.  There are still "those" days where I wonder what I was thinking, but the good far outweigh the bad.  I am still busy with BSF and MOPS.  I have announced already that I will not be continuing with MOPS next year.  I only have one "MOPS" year left anyway but God is calling me away from that ministry.  I have been heavily involved with MOPS since it started at Salem 7 years ago and I am ready to begin serving in some ministry at our new church.  This will free up a lot of my time to devote to something else where I can serve. 
So that is our update.  This Thanksgiving break includes some fun things.  We are working on our Akerson Toy Purge to make room for what I am sure will be coming for Christmas and getting rid of those things that we don't play with anymore.  Tomorrow will be spent at home as a family ending with dinner with the Akerson side.  Friday is more cleaning up and a dinner out celebrating a friend's birthday.  Saturday is our annual decorating day and the kids get a full day with the grandparents.  Sunday should be church and more family time at home
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

First real post

So- we now have a blog for the family-cool huh?  As most of you know we have a caring bridge page for Camryn that we have always updated with fun family things.  From this point on, caring bridge will ONLY be used for updates on Camryn's physical health and those issues. 
THIS blog will be about the rest of the happenings of the Akerson clan.. as you can see we have no real title as Scott and I could not agree so here we are
I guess the big news is that Mr. Collin broke his arm on Friday.  He fell off the monkey bars at school and broke both his radius and ulna at the wrist.  Man is this little man tough!!!  We knew he was but he was such a trooper yesterday.  The car ride to Glennon was rough on him but once they had some morphine on board he really settled down.  They were able to reduce the fracture with some Versed and Ketamine so Collin has no memory of that.  Pain has been pretty well controlled.  He is sad though, his flag football season came to an abrupt end!  He does not like how heavy the plaster splint is.  He does not like that he will be in something like that for at least 6 weeks.  He has some real empathy for Camryn and has said many times he doesn't know how she handles things with one arm.  She has the advantage though of never having it any other way.  He did realize quickly yesterday that this break was his left arm which means he does not get out of homework-this kid is really showing his smarts! 
He goes back to Orthopedic clinc on Friday for more Xrays to make sure the bone has stayed set and then we find out the long term plans.  So that is our most recent excitement.  I am thrilled to join the world of blogging